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Funerals, Celebrations of Life & Memorial Services

Memorial services and funerals serve a number of purposes. They give us the chance to say goodbye and offer an opportunity for friends and family to gather together to start the journey through the grieving process. The process of creating such an important celebration of someone’s life can be overwhelming–especially if you are planning the ceremony while you are grieving. To help, many people now turn to a funeral celebrant or funeral officiant.

Personalizing a funeral or memorial service is the very best way to honor your loved one. I can help. I am a professional who works with the family to design a personalized funeral or memorial ceremony. My role is to make sure that the ceremony reflects the deceased’s personality, culture, values, and wishes.

A critical aspect of a celebrant’s services is to spend “family time” upfront gathering information about the deceased. They will want to know as much as possible since the goal is to create a ceremony that truly reflects the individual.

I have the training, knowledge, and skills to help you create a truly unique once-in-a-lifetime ceremony, and you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have the ceremony you want within the time-frame and budget you set.

While religion is still an important consideration, these days, many people look for secular ways to reflect the person’s complete life. That means most modern funerals incorporate remembrances of hobbies, interests, and passions that are outside of religion. Using a celebrant or an officiant that is not affiliated with a particular church can be a good option for someone who would like to have a religious service but doesn’t belong to a church. If you would like to skip religion but add some spiritual aspects, a celebrant can help. The bottom line is, people have a wide variety of needs and desires when it comes to how they want to express religious views, if at all. Discuss your religious preferences with your celebrant to ensure that the ceremony reflects your wishes.

In closing, to be a celebrant is to be open to the pain and difficulties in life, and, even, to have suffered a broken heart a few times. We show our love for the world through our work. Please contact me so that I may help you honor your family member in a joyous and special celebration of their life.

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