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Gricelda in Burlington, NC *****
My husband and I attended the Winston Salem wedding expo in search of our vendors. Luckily we found Rev. Jayne. From day one, she was such an angel to work with. Due to the pandemic we had to down size our party and make a lot of last minute changes. We went from a large guest list of 200 people to an intimate wedding of 10 guest. When breaking the news to Jayne, she helped me calm down so much. She helped me reorganize my ceremony and made my wedding night so special.

Thank you Rev. Jayne
Erica in Winston-Salem, NC *****
Jayne was absolutely fantastic and brought calm to the stress that is planning a wedding, especially during COVID-19. Jayne was there ever step of the way and answered all of our questions in a timely manner. All of our guests told us the service was beautiful, touching and the longest service they have been to. Thank you Jayne so making our day so special
Tobi in Winston-Salem, NC *****
We couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding than the one we had. We had a COVID–19 wedding in mid-December outdoors on our front porch. Our immediate family stood in the driveway, watching the ceremony. That does not seem romantic, but it was magical.
We told Jane that it would be a Celtic wedding, and she immediately went to work finding the historically correct vows and suggested a handfasting ceremony to go with the ring ceremony. After about three emails, we had a finalized wedding. Jayne made it so easy for us, and her attention to detail was immaculate. The handfasting rope matched the tartan of my kilt and was laced with thistle and Celtic bobbles. She even wore a scarf to match, as well. She explained a brief history of the vows, the rings, and the handfasting to our family and ended with a Celtic blessing. The wonderful keepsakes (the “knot“ Celtic rope, the card stock vows, and the whole ceremony script) were given to us as part of the wedding service. A wedding can be very stressful, but Jayne did a great job washing all of that away with a perfect ceremony. It sure beats our original plan of a crowded magistrate office in the basement of the County Jail. Well worth it. Thanks again, Jayne.
Carrie & Whitney in High point, NC *****
My wife and I went through so many obstacles during this time but Jayne made it all stress free and amazing. We had to change venues so many times and she even started helping us plan it out. She adapted to every situation. Jayne was there every step of the way. Recommending her to everyone. Thank you Jayne for everything you did for us!!
Sarah Isabel in Mocksville, NC *****
Jayne did a wonderful job making our ceremony very personalized. Our situation was somewhat unique because we wanted to include hand fasting and she did a great job in giving many options for how to make it personal to our ceremony. She even got cords out together for us in our colors! We ended up with a classy elegant ceremony that was to our taste and it couldn’t have been any better all thanks to Jayne. Thank you for being a part of our special day and helping it all run so smoothly!
Tom in Winston-Salem, NC *****
Truly a Memorial Day!
Posted By Dan & Tom Elek
December 10, 2019
We are so grateful to Reverend Jayne. She agreed to marry us on her Notary License but discovered that in North Carolina notaries may not marry so she got herself ordained to perform our ceremony. Our marriage was her first and you would never have known. She went above and beyond to make our day special, and it was. She performed such a beautiful ceremony in our backyard. All our guests were very impressed. You would have thought she had done this a hundred times. Ask Reverend Jayne to perform your ceremony. Truly a memorable day!
Steve & Alan in Lewisville, NC *****
Oh my gosh! Where should we begin??? Jayne was beyond wonderful! Her skills and attention to detail helped to make our big day a perfect success! From the very first meeting, she was attentive and eager to do all she could for us. She was so patient and understanding of all of our little changes and requests. It is truly our honor to have her as a big part of the special memories that we will treasure from our wedding day.
Casey & Stephanie in Lewisville, NC *****
Rev. Jayne! We attended the Winston Salem show to find an officiant, as well as a florist. We spoke to the florist there, they were nice but the person who stood out to us most was Rev. Jayne. As a same sex couple, finding an officiant has been nerve wracking and hard. When we approached Jayne at the wedding show, she was friendly, informative, and happened to be a part of our community which was what we were hoping to find. She told us of how she and her wife had to go to another state to marry before our marriages were legal nationally, and really made our visit to the show exciting because we felt we had found the person we had been searching for. Rev. Jayne will be our officiant for our wedding and we couldn’t be happier.
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